Mark von Rosenstiel

February 7 – March 3 2013


this time we feel, this time we see is a site-specific and kinetic installation by the Seattle-based artist Mark von Rosenstiel, whose practice is concerned with relationships between micro and macro experiences of time. He has been resident in Bangkok to further explore the dynamic between experience and perception. The abrupt transitions within and eclectic cultures of urban Bangkok prove particularly resonant for the artist’s interests.

this time we feel, this time we see is an enormous drawing machine that functions according to live video feeds from the street of H Gallery and also CCTV footage of Bangkok. Visualizing the passage and sensation of time, the machine creates an analogy for the experience of our surroundings. The installation appears as a a proposal for how to think about the immediate and larger significance of place and space, its abstractions and affective impact.

Mark von Rosenstiel was born in Washington, US and studied theoretical mathematics at Johns Hopkins University and fine art at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Von Rosenstiel’s work spans painting, sculpture and installation. Most recently he has become interested in creating representations of internalized human experience and exploring boundaries between observation and participation. Von Rosenstiel lectures on ideas of incompleteness, randomness, and scale invariance in relation to art practice and the potential to discover truths by creative means.