Brian Curtin Projects is a nomadic curatorial mantle concerned with experimental practices in contemporary art and dialogues between different disciplinary practices. The mantle grew out of H Project Space – a site-specific venue in Bangkok housed by H Gallery – to accomodate a variety of platforms and procedures as the inevitable response to diverse demands within contemporary art worlds. We work with a spectrum of spaces and galleries, and our support for artists’ is shaped through dialogue.

H Project Space operated from 2011-2018 in what has been described as the most beautiful room in Bangkok. The space is part of a 19th century colonial-style building that retains period details. H Project Space was established further to the pressured need for an experimental art venue in the city and further to precedents set by the galleries Visual Dhamma, Open Arts Space and About Studio/About Café, amongst others, in earlier eras. H Project Space allowed artists to relate their practices to the idiosyncrasies of the cultural and social histories of the space, and the challenges of relationships to contemporaneity. The span of the projects staged is testament to the diversity of possibilities within; inherited and imagined narratives, images and experiences were shaped to activate and even exorcise the depth of interest or potential resonances of this site and place, often relating to the surrounding Christian district of Bangkok and also urban experience itself. Artists usually discovered new directions for their practices.

Brian Curtin is an Irish-born lecturer, art writer and curator of contemporary art. He lives in Bangkok.

This website was originally designed by Andrew Strode. The image on the Home page is from Peeraya Suphasidh’s installation Iterations of a Dream and Prelude: An Offset at H Project Space during 2017.