Lisa Brown

September 14 – October 12 2011


Nothing is True is a site-specific installation by the UK-born artist Lisa Brown, whose practice emerges from a fascination with the unknown, the undiscovered and also the nature of things. She works with everyday objects, materials and customs and in scales from the minute to the colossal. Brown also engages with the physicality of environments according to a inquisitive thinking process.

In Nothing is True two electric fans positioned on opposite sides of the room rapidly draw compositions through attachments of pastel sticks. Registering time and the mechanics of production, the result is not an artwork as such but an experience of process, presence and sense or vision of infinitude.

With a elegant use of found materials, Brown’s installation draws our attention to a series of inter-relationships: creation and time, object-hood and space, and art and non-art. All are framed by a near-surreal arrangement with the objects and materials.

Lisa Brown is a Bangkok-based artist and lectures on the International Program in Communication Design at Chulalongkorn University. She holds a MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and is a member of the artist curatorial group Askew. This is her first solo project in Bangkok.