Julia Schwadron

January 5 – January 31 2012


Everything is an installation by New York-based artist Julia Schwadron, who was recently a visiting professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Chiang Mai University in Northern Thailand.

Schwadron’s painterly works play with the visual form of language, unmooring text from conventional contexts, scale and media and thus heightening the inherent ambiguity of meaning. The artist creates patterns and motifs and for H Project Space has transformed the word ‘everything’ in a manner that corresponds with the architectural details of the room. Concerned to challenge a typical disjuncture between our thoughts about and sense of physical space, the large drawings that transverse the room reveal form as linguistic and vice-versa.

A sculptural stack of limited edition prints of Everything sits at the center, offered as gifts for visitors.

Schwadron says of Everything, “The content of the word ‘everything’ is all encompassing. It is a word that is the opposite of ‘nothing,’ but also has no specific images attached to it. We understand physical space as three dimensional and, typically drawings are two dimensional. I would like to open the space for language to take up physical space.”

Julia Schwadron was born in Providence, R.I., and raised in LA. Currently based in New York City, Schwadron is a graduate of UC San Diego and Tyler School of Art. She has received a number of fellowships and awards, including the Joan Mitchell Fellowship 2006 at the Vermont Studio Center. Schwadron was a founding member of The Matzo Files on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and has been a visiting professor at Chiang Mai University (2010-11) and the University of Iowa (2007-09). She exhibits internationally.